School of Sacred Knowledge

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This is the school where we will share with all Man the creation and perpetuation of mankind. We will share with all the teachings that Man has had over mans time on earth to create and build communities for Man to survive and thrive in this trip to heaven here on earth. Our goal is to open up the eyes and hearts and minds of fellow man.

This school will also help others get through their day by teaching health from various practices that build a healthy body and mind.Then with this rounded health we can create the real wealth of mankind.


Our lecture series will delve into various ancient schools of thought and how that reflects on our society today. We will share how dogma was created around the world when others tried to make rules explaining what the great teachers/prophets were sharing as they were curse correcting wrong conduct in various times of Mans existence. How there is no one correct answer. There is only love. Love is support, understanding, not just a black and white rule. Not violence and fear.


Our team of savvy experts will plan exotic trips to the energy centers of the world. We travel in a small group of like-minded people who are seeking the truth and wanting unique experiences. These travel adventures are a one-of a kind encounter with your spiritual self.

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